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     GEODATA provides consulting services in the field of geological consulting, exploration, science and technology consulting, energy projects consulting to the global mining and exploration industry.


     Our staff are members of a worldwide network of well-established industry professionals, allowing us to fulfill client requests for services beyond our traditional standard core competencies. We are committed to technical excellence and strive to exceed customer expectations on every order.


     GEODATA specializes in the management of exploration projects in different geological conditions, offering a full range of exploration services specifically tailored to the client's needs and situation.


     We are affiliated with a worldwide network of well-established industry professionals, enabling us to fulfil client requests for services outside of our traditional standard core competencies. We strive for technical excellence and aim to exceed client expectations on every engagement.


     SERVICES GEODATA provides customized consulting services across the geological spectrum: we assemble project teams of highly qualified geological consultants and use our ongoing international relationships to help our team deliver unique geological solutions anywhere in the world. Customer requests are processed quickly and with the utmost confidentiality.


     GEODATA specializes in managing exploration projects world-wide, offering a complete end-to-end exploration service specifically tailored to the client’s needs and situation. Our geological solutions range from grass-roots exploration. This includes data compilations & reviews, target generation, programmers design and planning, budgeting.


     GEODATA has a broad international team of experienced personnel representing a range of different cultures enabling it to adapt and work anywhere on Earth. Our exploration teams are up to speed with the latest geophysical and geochemical techniques and are well trained, well equipped, and well informed. When it comes to exploration management GEODATA is ready to hit the ground running with competent, tailor made, hands-on exploration teams.

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